Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When Credit Scores Get in the Way


Alliance Home Mortgage is proud to announce our Credit Score Modification system.  We are having incredible success bumping up credit scores to the level that people now qualifying for incredible loans.

Client X just they other day came in with a score of 585.  Unfortunately with this score they did not qualify for a loan, but at Alliance, our Credit Score Modification system was able to bring their score above 640 qualifying them for a great loan.

Has this happened to you, maybe a client, or a family member?  Let Alliance help you get qualified now.

•           Alliance can help you qualify when our competitors can't!

•           Our tools help people raise there scores with all three credit bureaus.

•           Important credit manipulation offered when applying for 100% loans, VA, FHA, and conventional.

Let us help you find the right loan for any unique situation. Learn more today at or call us now at (606) 878-6000.


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